Top Lending Management Technology Companies
QCash Financial: A Ground-Breaking Step Toward Financial Literacy

Top 10 Lending Management Solution Companies - 2019

Lending Management Solution has turned into an essential asset for every financial institution as it helps both the finance professionals and customers customize and streamline lending processes, facilitate cost reduction, and speed up loan approval. To cater to the needs for innovative loan management solutions, banks and financial institutions look for market-leading lending management solution providers. From loan application processing to loan financing, configuring credit monitoring activity, managing alerts, and settling accounts and payments, an end-to-end modern and automated lending management solution does it all.

This edition features the top 10 lending management solution providers, which hold the potential to bring in revolutions in the lending management space. Acknowledging the efforts of some of the leading companies that aim to eliminate financial stress and empower financial wellness, the current edition mentions QCash Financial that provides credit unions and banks the ability to offer mobile lending products and automate fee-based loan options. Automating the lending services, Open Lending helps the financial institutions by providing unique auto lending programs for both direct and indirect loans. McCracken Financial Solutions deliver a full-fledged product that offers smart accounting, servicing, and asset management features. In recent years, lending management solutions are rapidly evolving and assisting financial institutions to the best.

We present to you "Top 10 Lending Management Solution Providers 2019."

    Top Lending Management Technology Companies

  • Applied Micro Technology (AMT) provides software and consulting services to the banking sector. AMT’s primary focus is to assist clients in enhancing their credibility with regulators, external and internal loan review, and auditors. The firm relies heavily on its Loan Quality Assurance System (LQAS) to track the client's portfolios. The system runs in the bank and offers monitoring capabilities for all Deposit and Loan documents, Loan Review assistance, Collateral Valuation, Management Reporting, and Document Imaging. LQAS also helps with debt totaling and relationship monitoring as well as covenant and reporting and policy tracking

  • McCracken Financial Solutions provides leading-edge reporting tools to help investors and lenders to acquire the information they require for any loans. The company is providing dashboards as well for better monitoring of their internal processes, productivity, and difficulties within their workflow. It is further doing away with the legacy methods of pen and paper and phone calls to establish an efficient channel of communication and interaction between borrowers and lenders, by leveraging technology. McCracken Financial Solutions’ applications of strategy loan servicing, insurance compliance solution, and construction loan software BuildRite, makes the lives of lenders easier while making taking the lending industry up to par with the evolving trends thus impacting the entire economy at large

  • North Shore Systems has excelled due to its cutting edge technological solutions that include 100% web-based applications. The firm also offers an array of products, powered by the North Shore Pipeline Module, that automates the entire lending process and addresses various inefficiencies in the industry. North Shore System possesses an inherent ability to connect the different players in the commercial lending process. The firm has a dedicated customer implementation and on-going maintenance and service support. North Shore is an industry leader in offering technical solutions to the commercial real estate finance industry

  • NOVATRAQ offers premier cloud-based software for today’s small business lender. The firm has a fully-integrated set of lending tools that had been leveraged by top lenders for over 15 years to process over $2 billion of small business loans. In today’s competitive market, the choice of lending software determines if a business will be able to keep up with its peers or will be left behind at the station. Choosing NOVATRAQ will offer a significant boost in the business operations to a company. Further, the use of streamlined data collection processes and automated small loan score retrieval will deliver a quick turnaround on smaller loans

  • Providing an innovative auto lending solution that helps banks, credit unions and other lenders say ‘yes’ to more loans to improve profitability

  • QCash Financial is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olympia-based WSECU and a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that provides automated, cloud-based small-dollar lending technology for financial institutions. The firm is on its way to launch its Financial Wellness App that helps bank customers and credit union members achieve financial stability and resiliency through real-time behavior feedback, personalized learning, and one-on-one financial coaching. The QCash Financial Wellness App is a white-labeled product that financial services institutions can offer directly to its customers as a standalone, mobile-only application to help them achieve financial wellness through personalized financial content

  • BorrowWorks


    Borrowworks leverages decision science, loan servicing, and marketing that enables innovative lenders to navigate the evolving online consumer lending market space. Borrowworks utilizes technologies such as database, security, Cloud architecture, user experience, and application integrations that are all critical to maximizing success throughout the transaction procedures. The firm offers insightful, data-driven solutions that enable banks and lenders to make improved decisions to provide smarter options for non-prime consumers. Borrowworks utilizes this quantitative approach across its portfolio management services with the aim of portfolio growth and benefit to the consumer

  • CrediFi


    Founded in 2014 by Battery Ventures, CrediFi is a commercial real estate data provider that leverages 200 billion data points to bring transparency across the financing of balance sheet and securitized loans by commercial properties across the US. CrediFi provides a full picture by loan coverage, including balance-sheet loans. The company also provides loan data on affordable housing properties in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The company is a premier provider of data and analytics on CRE lenders and tracks over 10,000 lenders across the US. The company’s lender profile analyzes financial institutions’ lending activity and offers visualized reports on lender maps

  • LeadSquared


    LeadSquared is a sales execution and marketing automation platform that assists businesses to manage their pipelines, increase their closures, and attribute their ROI accurately and completely - to people, lead sources, marketing activities, products, and locations. Designed to handle thousands of users, thousands of activities and millions of leads, LeadSquared is being leveraged by enterprises and small & medium business, across a wide range of industries. Businesses that have excelled with LeadSquared include education institutes, financial services (loan providers, Insurance providers, Fintech businesses), wellness clinics and hospitals, and hospitality businesses, among others

  • Optimal Blue

    Optimal Blue

    Founded in 2002, Optimal Blue is a fintech provider that operates the Digital Mortgage Marketplace and connects the mortgage industry’s largest network of leading originators and investors to facilitate a broad set of the secondary market interactions. The company’s technology solutions include product eligibility and pricing, risk management, loan trading, robust data and analytics, and more. The company commits to deliver secondary marketing automation and enhances customer value. The company helps the clients to build a strong financial profile and focuses on developing innovations that drive client growth