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Spark: Modernizing Complex And Outdated Lending Processes

Top 10 Lending Management Solution Companies - 2021

The past two years have been utterly life-changing for many sectors, and the lending world has been no different. While the pandemic has driven the credit and loan services to adjust to its consequences swiftly, there are still plenty of continuing trends that are remodeling the scene and leading the respective businesses to a new age.

As loan management systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s lending and credit servicing operations, technological transformation is the need of the hour. For instance, firms can leverage an amalgamation of frontline advancements like Google Vision API and ML capabilities along with Amazon Recognition to analyze documents as a means to investigate frauds, thus guaranteeing accelerated turnaround with minimal manual work.

Similarly, for credit scoring methods, lending companies are developing new variable computing applications with data items, such as social signals, lifestyle, and medical records. Blended with intelligent and self-learning algorithms, firms can identify if they want to release new insurance policies, customize terms and conditions, or provide alternate payment choices.

Amid such trends making a wave in the lending sector, it is becoming imperative for organizations to equip themselves with the latest and most effective technologies in the market. In order to assist such companies in shoring up their capabilities, we have compiled this issue of Banking CIO Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 lending solution providers to highlight the ones that can help you escalate your chances of success. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers are transforming the lending landscape at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs. We hope this issue of Banking CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s, “Top 10 Lending Management Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Lending Management Solutions Companies

  • Crowd Machine’s ABL solution provides lenders and their customers with remote real-time access, increased accuracy, efficiency, transparency, and confidence to take their business to the next level. The company provides an all in one ABL platform, which is built using Crowd Machine’s sophisticated no-code platform. Customers can use Crowd Machine to build tailor made solutions in a friendly drag-and-drop visual builder that comprise of charts, graphs, values, summaries, data entry, custom totals and findings, external URLs, databases, third party applications, and anything else the business needs to build a solution that works for them


  • Equilibrium provides lenders with comprehensive end-to-end mortgage loan origination services and gives clients peace of mind through quality control and compliance at each stage of the origination life cycle. As the industry's leading dedicated mortgage outsourcing provider, the company assists businesses in growing faster and smarter, enabling them to close more loans at a lower cost. The company manages the entire mortgage process, from loan origination to underwriting, processing, and approval, to quality control and closing. Additionally, they are a committed partner, assisting in staying ahead of market expectations and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace


  • LenderHomePage is the leading provider of a secure and compliant cloud-based digital mortgage platform that powers lender websites, mobile apps, and mortgage POS solutions. The company offers an all-in-one platform that empowers mortgage companies to deliver a unified and cohesive consumer experience. With a deep-rooted focus on customer experience, LenderHomePage is not only a pioneer in the digital mortgage space, but they’re also progressive in their approach of utilizing technology’s interface to influence engagement, increase brand loyalty, and drive the mortgage sale


  • Micah Group leverages artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and machine learning to provide accurate and actionable data for banks and lenders to make timely decisions faster. Although Micah automates the majority of manual processes, the company firmly believes that human efforts are equally important to help banks maintain the valuable relationships they’ve built. The company integrates data from multiple disparate sources and extracts data points from customer documents to perform financial spreading. Micah also creates the credit presentation and scorecards and centralizes all that data into its lending platform


  • SPARK undertakes a straightforward approach to lending technology for banks, lender service providers (LSPs), and mission-driven lenders. With automation, user-centered design, deep SBA and commercial lending expertise, the company simplifies the loan origination process for every department, including sales, underwriting, and disbursement. SPARK manages all loan origination banking processes starting from the initial inquiry that a customer does on the bank’s website to leading them to a secure portal for data and document collection. It then facilitates decision-making related to underwriting and credit, including credit polls, credit models, and analysis for both internal and external credits. Beneficially, the SPARK platform maps out all the data and analysis onto the proper forms that a bank needs to effectively make decisions and produce a loan


  • Automated Financial Systems

    Automated Financial Systems

    Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) is the industry leader in lending and risk management solutions for financial institutions. Committed since its founding in 1970 to support clients’ business objectives, rather than simply their software needs, AFS combines systems, execution expertise, and management information to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase revenue for its clients. AFS provides competitive advantages by delivering the only fully integrated lending system designed to process multiple portfolios, including small business, middle markets, commercial real estate, capital markets, and other specialty lines of business—all on one system.

  • Calyx Technology

    Calyx Technology

    Calyx is an established provider of compliant mortgage software solutions used by banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and brokerages nationwide. The company’s easy-to-use technology, including its borrower interview platform, loan origination systems, and secure electronic signature software, is designed to streamline, integrate and optimize all phases of the loan process for customers of various sizes, workflows, channels, and complexities. Combined with its extensive network of vendor partners, Calyx products deliver a true digital mortgage solution that maximizes profitability and enhances the customer experience.

  • HES FinTech

    HES FinTech

    Founded in 2012, HES FinTech is an established market leader that provides financial institutions worldwide with intelligent automation-driven lending solutions. The company delivers a unique lending experience for lenders of all sizes to reduce the cost and complexity of loan lifecycle management. Available in 90 days, HES FinTech’s platforms streamline the lending process in its entirety, replacing repetitive manual tasks with automation to help lenders solve the most demanding industry challenges. With over 80 engineers, product innovators, businesses analysts, and banking experts, HES today is a trusted, long-term partner of 115 financial institutions in over 25 countries worldwide (and counting).

  • LeadSquared


    LeadSquared is a marketing automation and sales execution platform that helps businesses increase their closures, manage their pipelines, and attribute their ROI wholly and accurately - to people, marketing activities, lead sources, products, and locations. Built to handle thousands of users, millions of leads, and thousands of activities, LeadSquared is being used by enterprises and small & medium businesses across a diverse set of industries. Businesses that have found fitment with LeadSquared include education institutes (EdTech businesses, colleges, universities, offline and online training institutes), financial services (Insurance providers, loan providers, Fintech businesses), hospitals, and wellness clinics, and hospitality businesses, among others.

  • TAO Solutions

    TAO Solutions

    TAO Solutions is a leading provider of software designed to empower the financial services industry with operational agility and robust capabilities. For over a decade, TAO Solutions has worked with financial industry leaders globally to drive growth, save costs, and increase efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technology, deep-rooted industry expertise, and exceptional customer service. Representing a solution provider to 10% of the top global banks with more than $1 trillion in assets administered by our technologies, TAO Solutions is SOC II Type II accredited and a Gold Microsoft Certified Partner.