MortgageFlex Systems: One System for all Mortgage Channels

Lester Dominick, CEO,  MortgageFlex SystemsLester Dominick, CEO
While the tinted skyscrapers on the banks of St. Johns River exude an urban core, MortgageFlex Systems nestled in a ninety-year-old historic building reflects its years of legacy in the lending industry. Founded in 1980, when automated mortgage lending was based on mainframe architecture, MortgageFlex Systems was one of the first few companies to introduce software solutions that ran on microcomputers. This move not only enabled the company’s clients to improve their operational efficiency at less cost but it also became a testament to the company’s fundamental goal—to simplify mortgage lending with leading-edge technology. Today, with close to four decades of experience, MortgageFlex Systems continues to refine their cost-effective and innovative mortgage loan origination and servicing software solutions by using best practices gleaned from market needs and customer feedback. The company’s MortgageFlexONE product platform supports evolving business processes and government compliance requirements with business rules, intuitive workflow, and an embedded product and pricing engine.

“MortgageFlexONE stands true to its name as it eliminates the need for multiple systems and enables clients to rely on a single software to originate all types of loans ranging from mortgages, HELOCS, construction to consumer loans,” remarks Lester Dominick, CEO of MortgageFlex Systems. An end-to-end solution that handles origination, acquisition, and servicing, the MortgageFlexONE package is built on Microsoft technology and easily integrates with other solutions. Designed to be feature-rich and comprehensive, MortgageFlexONE uses the same database for consumer and mortgage loans. The product not only allows loan officers to close more loans and simplify back office and mortgage underwriting but lenders can decide the functions they wish to expose to the consumer. On the other hand, the consumer portal redefines digital mortgages where borrowers can start an application, chose a loan officer, use mortgage calculators, or upload required documents.

MortgageFlexONE stands true to its name as it enables clients to rely on a single software to originate all types of loans

The portal is easy to use, and consumers have real-time access to the status of their loans. The system also comprises three additional portals that support wholesale and correspondent production channels for large-sized lenders and a portal for bank branches to support their retail customers.

In line with constantly changing compliance mandates, Dominick asserts that adhering to financial regulations is the company’s primary objective. While a lot of other companies in the market wait till they are reviewing documents or drawing disclosures to conduct compliance checks, MortgageFlexONE addresses compliance requirements throughout the origination process in real time. This not only helps save time and the disruptions fixing errors but also significantly minimizes the cost to cure for errors, compliance or otherwise. Dominick informs that the company has never missed a compliance delivery date.

Keeping in mind the importance of security and transparent hosting services, MortgageFlex partners with Microsoft as a Gold Application Developer. The company delivers a unique combination of secure business continuity and cost-effectiveness and recommends a hosting configuration to clients based on the loan volumes and user count. With Microsoft Azure, MortgageFlex can upgrade servers on a temporary basis during peak volumes and then reduce the resources when the volume is less. The best part of this scalability is that clients only pay for the services and resources used.

Always up to date with current market trends, MortgageFlexONE has undergone three complete revisions and is currently an infusion of the best technology trends in the industry. Dedicated to providing lenders with smart software Dominick says, “The fourth generation of MortgageFlexONE is currently in testing and will be rolled out in November 2017.”